7 Impressive Benefits of Calisthenics Weighted Vest Workout


How can this simple wearable weighted vest improve your workout routines? Find out everything about this gear and how it provides impressive advantages that are perfect for your body’s fitness goals.

Weighted Vests are any wearable clothing that mostly looks like a bulletproof vest designed to add extra loads while performing fitness training or any body-weight workout. Weights inserted on the garments vary depending on the person’s capacity for who wears the vest. Weights range from 3kg to 60 kg.

How can this simple wearable gear improve your body fitness goals?

Wearing a weighted vest when you workout will not only advance your physical activities but undoubtedly supercharge your fitness benefits as well. 

This type of equipment is used mostly in military training and power athletes or CrossFit training. It’s also not surprising that non-athletes wear a weighted vest while hiking, running, jogging, or any exercise. 


1. Wearing Weighted Vest on your Workout Boosts Core and Agility Strength

Adding weighted vests to your simple routines, such as walking or running, will force you to carry a heavy load on your body. Therefore, it requires you to exert more effort, making your body core work harder than the usual routines without wearable weights.

Unlike dumbbells, where you carry weights using your hands, weighted vests are wearable, therefore, giving you the freedom to work out with additional weights hands-free in any environment.

It makes your muscles stronger, especially when you run while wearing loaded vests. Your musculoskeletal system will also benefit as it helps you support the extra weight and builds muscles assisting strength exercises.

2. Wearable Loaded Vest Promotes Good Body Posture

It is promoting good body posture and prevents back deformities if used correctly and with proper precaution. Using weighted clothing improves your body’s ability to balance as it increased the amount of load on your upper body.

Keeping your good body posture and better balance helps you avoid possible back pains and problems. The more robust your core, the more vigorous your body can maintain your overall body balance and support your spine, keeping you upright and not slouching.

3. Weighted Clothing During Training Improves Bone Density

Any physical activities with weight involvement are vital to lessen bone loss. Nonetheless, developing your bone density requires high-impacting activities that not many people can do. That is why wearing loadable vests is a considerable advantage.

Several studies have shown that wearing weights comparable to 4% to 10% of body mass (5–13 pounds in a 130-pound female) while running, jogging, or walking will balance bone density.

4. Burn More Calories by Adding Weighted Vest to your routine

Another benefit of wearing a weighted vest during your daily workout training helps you lose unwanted fats. It doubles the effects of burning calories from your body since your body works harder than the regular routines without loaded vests.

However, the effects still depend on your workout pace and consistency as well as your food diet. To get the full advantage and maximize the benefits of burning calories and losing weight, combine wearing the equipment with your regular workout activities while also tracking your daily food intake.

Gorilla Calisthenics - Man running while wearing weighted vest

5. Enhancing your Cardiovascular Workouts

It raises your heart rate and trains your lungs when wearing a vest while doing cardio exercises. The harder you drive yourself to work out, the better the result will be.

Having a healthy cardiovascular system helps you perform better even though it depletes your muscle oxygen when pushed to work harder. It also produces oxygenated blood delivered to the affected muscle.

Cardio exercises where you can wear the weights. 

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Jogging 
  • Running
  • Skipping rope

Besides, it improves your endurance and strength, especially when you take off your weighted vest and try to do your usual routines. You’ll feel lighter, and the exercises are much easier to do since your body gets the hang of the weights and loads the vest provides.

6. Increase Workout Intensity Variations when using wearable weighted clothing.

When you want to shift from your regular exercise habits to more intensified and advanced routines without lifting heavy equipment, wearing a weighed gear is suitable for you. Moreover, it is also helpful for building muscles and increasing resistance.

Improve body resistance when wearing a weighted vest with the combination of body-weight exercises.  

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

It is essential to do a variation on your workouts to avoid stagnation. Doing the same routine repeatedly, you will no longer see a positive result in your training, which is typical for every fitness enthusiast.

Using a type of equipment such as a loaded vest will help you overcome that obstacle. Moreover, wearing it while working out will require your muscles to respond, and your lungs to work as much, keeping you away from the fitness plateau effect.

Gorilla Calisthenics - Calisthenics exercise with loaded vest

7 Weighted Vest Workout Improves Overall Psychological and Physical Fitness 

Exercising, in general, is undoubtedly one of the most therapeutic stress relievers anyone can try. When your body is in good condition, it increased your overall body performance physically and mentally.

Keeping active will result in lesser stress and anxiety. Moreover, boosting self-esteem as you achieve your desired body goals.

Body-weight exercises and using workout equipment will heighten the gains, which are great for your brain and body.

Safety Precautions and Considerations Before Using Weighted Vest for your Workout. 

Keep in mind that safety and precaution are paramount if you plan to add weights to your activities.

  • Make sure you choose a comfortable, breathable, and sturdy vest.
  • Weights should not exceed 10% of your body mass.
  • Add weights gradually and avoid adding weights drastically as it may cause back pain problems and injuries.
  • Suppose you feel sore while using the weighted vests. Stop using it for a while until you feel like you can manage to add weights again.
  • Listen to your body well and do basic warm-ups and proper conditioning to avoid any risk of injuries.

More importantly, proper usage of this type of gear and learning to know the basics before jumping into wearing weights will surely give you full potential benefits to your overall physical body. Different by design, choosing the right weighted vest equipment that suits you is crucial.

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