The Ultimate Calisthenics Workout Plan Beginner; Elevating You To The Highest Level Of Your Fitness Training Goal

Gorilla Calisthenics - A Calisthenics Workout Plan - Man In Workout

Calisthenics Workout Plan Beginner; Through Fitness Tracking Journal.

A calisthenics workout plan beginner, that can elevate you to the highest level of your fitness training goal!

Thus as we all know, we must learn where we are heading—the same thing with your fitness training. You also need to know what you are targetting to quickly figure out what type of exercise you need to have within the day. Indeed you can’t just start your workout without knowing what to do next. Hence when you go to the gym, you easily identify the equipment needed and the time required for each movement.

Indeed if you don’t have a pre-written helpful calisthenics workout plan, it is hard for you to set your goals. And at the same time, you don’t have as good of a workout since you will wander around seeking what type of exercise you need to execute within the day. On the contrary, if your plan is ready before going to the gym, you will absolutely perform your exercise as best as possible. Hence you will save time and energy thinking about what to do since all you need to check is your pre-written workout plan. Thus, following a defined workout plan can also help you take the hypothesizing out of strength training.

Calisthenics Workout Plan Beginner 7-Day Journal

Muscle GroupRepetitionTypes of ExerciseKinds of Exercise
SundayRest day
MondayLegs and Glutes + Cardio4-6reps
3 Compound
2 Isolated
squats, horizontal and vertical jumps, leg press,
globelet sumo squat, walking lunges, 10-15 min cardio
Tuesday(Push day) Chest and Triceps4-6reps
3 Compound
2 Isolated
plank, windshield wipers, L -sit,
incline dumbbell bench press, dips
Wednesday(Pull day) Back and Biceps4-6reps
3 Compound
2 Isolated

T-bar row, wide-grip lat pull-down, seated cable low row,
pull-up, straight arm pull-down
ThursdayShoulders and Abs + Cardio4-6reps
3 Compound
2 Isolated

weighted crunch, gym ball jackknife, bicycles,
standing dumbbell shoulder press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, 10-15 min cardio.
FridayArms and Abs + Cardio4-6reps
3 Compound
2 Isolated

balance with shoulder press, standing spine twist, oblique squeeze with arms,
alternating dumbbell curl, incline dumbbell curl, 10-15 min Cardio
SaturdayPlyo day10-15repsBurpees, reverse lung knee-ups, clapping push-ups

Gorilla Calisthenics - A Calisthenics Workout Plan - Man In An Intense Push-Up

A Calisthenics Workout Plan Beginner Settings

Hence the first thing you need to do is choose your muscle split. Thus you also need to ensure that you hit every single muscle at least once during the week. Indeed it would be best to have legs/glutes, pull day, push day, shoulders/abs, arms, plyo day, and cardio in split days. By the same token, it all depends upon your preferences, and your body needs as well. Indeed it is also best to start with compound movements followed by the isolated exercise, especially if you’re cutting up muscles and, at the same time, maintaining those muscles that you have gained.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to do cardio at least two to three days a week. Moreover, it is advisable to have it every after having all the workouts you had, so that your energy will not be all with cardio. Most importantly, it would be best if you had rest days so your muscles can also recover. Additionally, it can repair the body that you have been tearing apart throughout your training. At the same time, the muscles can grow accordingly. Moreover, you will not overtrain your body, giving it ample time to be at its best form.

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Muscle Split

It is how you break up your whole body at a particular time of your training. Additionally, it is dividing your upper and lower body on one specific day.


Reps are the number of times you achieve a single exercise before taking a rest. Brief for “repetitions,” reps also help you keep track of your strength exercise. Moreover, it can be beneficial in measuring your baseline strength and your growth.

Compound Exercise

This exercise means using various muscle groups at once. Indeed it requires a high amount of movement, Which allows you to burn many calories in a short period.

Isolation Movement

Isolation exercises solicit to stimulate only one muscle group to give muscle growth. Hence it requires equilibrium, coordination and forms the body in a more particular way.

Plyometrics exercise

Thus it is a type of exercise training that applies the speed and energy of complex movements to intensify muscle vigor. Indeed plyometrics training can also develop your physical execution and the strength to do various actions. Hence it is also known as quick calorie-blasting and body-toning exercise.

Gorilla Calisthenics - A Calisthenics Workout Plan - Man In An Intense Workout

Setting A Goal Is Crucial In Street Workout Plan Program

The bottom line is that maintaining your strength is not impossible as long as you have the proper training plan and a goal each day. And at the same time, controlling power is just as important as strength. Additionally, it would be best to try the different exercise variations, even those you are not familiar with. Hence, you will know what capacity you can still do and what other movements work best for your body. Hence, always remember that your body adapts to every workout that you execute each training, and having said that, you might not get as much as the results you wanted if your stock to your routine. So make sure that you dare to try different things too.

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