Top 10 Advanced Calisthenics Exercises For Your Progression

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Level up To Advanced Calisthenics Exercises!

Acquiring new exercises is always exciting and a bit challenging. If you are ready for a challenge, we have the top 10 advanced calisthenics exercises that you can attach to your workout routine. These exercises are the most advanced and hard to learn. Proper way plays a vital role in performing them correctly. Also, it would be best if you had a high level of strength. Moreover, learning these exercises will be challenging and slow progress. Yet, once you master any of these exercises, the sheer increase in coolness and strength gains will be worth your effort.

When looking for an advanced calisthenics workout that will suit you, you need to ask yourself if this program provides the required intensity for your training. It will take consistency, hard work, and sweat. However, if you invest your mind in it and follow the steps, you can undoubtedly achieve the levels of strength of these athletes and gymnasts. More importantly, your body does not count repetitions or weight. It only depends on stress.

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10 Most Advanced Calisthenics Exercises

1. Muscle Up

Muscle-up is a popular calisthenics exercise. It combines two movements, the pull-up, and dips, without the need to hold a static body position. Also, it requires a tremendous amount of strength. At the same time, your arms, shoulder, and back muscles must have an advanced power level.

2. Handstand With Two Fingers

Performing a handstand will undoubtedly blow you away. Only a few can even attempt to do this exercise. And it is one of the hardest advanced calisthenics exercises.

3. Back Lever

In this static position, you are holding your body still for a period by contracting your muscles. Indeed, it becomes an ethical challenge when you are hanging in mid-air, body parallels to the floor, face down, and with only your hands holding on to the bar or rings. It requires your back muscles to activate more than your front. Your back lever will test and develop your lower back, rear shoulders, glutes, and core muscles while at the same time building mobility in your shoulder part. The challenge in this position is the incredible strength level needed to perform it and the tricky position. 

4. Wall-assisted Handstand

You might say that this feat is impossible to achieve, yet there are Calisthenics experts who have been able to implement the one-finger handstand after a lot of hard work and focus.

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5. Human flag

Imagine yourself holding a static position in the air horizontally by just gripping the pole with your hands. Indeed it sounds almost impossible, yet with a strong core, a lot of time, robust upper body, and dedication, you can surely do it. It is a genuinely authentic calisthenic movement, easily recognized in the street workout circles. The human flag requires a planned and well-thought-out learning process with progression exercises that fit your fitness level. A thin, stable pole is a must for beginners.  A good starting point is to spend some time working on both your core and upper body strength and endurance.

6. Single-Arm Pull-Up To Handstand

The one-arm pull-up to the handstand is a unique demonstration of focus and strength. Hence only a Calisthenics expert can even think of attempting this move as it needs a lot of experience.

7. Front Lever (Advanced Calisthenics Exercises)

The front lever is another gymnastic exercise that found its way into the street workout community. It is a hanging position with only your hands gripping the bar. However, the front lever is generally somewhat more challenging to master than the back lever. You should develop a plan, choose the correct progressions for you and do high-frequency workouts with dynamic exercises at a higher intensity.

8. Inverted iron cross

Your shoulders need a lot of strength for performing the inverted iron cross, and this move requires excellent ring strength skills.

9. Planche

Planche requires proper technique, strength, skill, and endurance. It is a position that requires pushing against a surface rather than hanging. Indeed, gravity is working against you. Therefore you have to use every single muscle against it. And by the time you get to planche, your chest and arms will probably be very well developed. Planche is an exercise that even elite gymnasts spend years mastering, so if you are just at the beginning of your training, don’t expect to be able to do planche any time soon. Anything less than three months is not possible unless you already have an advanced level of strength.

10. Straddle planche clap push-ups

You have to start this exercise training as a normal planche. Indeed you need to invest all your muscle strength to pop up high in the air and clap your hands.

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Gorilla Calisthenics-Advanced Calisthenics Exercises-A Man With A Lean Body

Mastering your Body To Progress For An Advanced Calisthenics Exercises

Calisthenics is all about strength training. You make use of your body weight to enhance your strength. Moreover, mastering calisthenics is a long process. However, if you stick to it, it’s also rewarding. And what is even more exciting about this discipline is that there is always more to come and more to learn. This exercise requires strength, and there has to be coordination in your moves. It also takes hard work, consistency, and sweat, but if you put your mind to it and follow the steps, you can surely achieve the levels of strength other athletes and gymnasts did.

Nevertheless, you will undoubtedly experience difficulty and duration when learning advanced skills. Yet do not be overwhelmed and discouraged. You can surely do these advanced levels as long as you follow the progressions and train more often. Additionally, don’t try working on too many skills at a time. You can choose 2 or 3 and focus on them first. And if you can focus on a single skill, the better. It might seem impossible, but surely you can learn them as long as you invest a lot of time and effort. Once you master any of these, you will indeed become an advanced calisthenics athlete with impressive movements.

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