Best Calisthenics Chest Workout


Discover how to develop your chest muscles using the best calisthenics chest workout. The use of your body weight is the main tool and less equipment. 

One of the most desired goals of working out is to develop chest muscles aside from abs by practicing calisthenics chest workout. Some consider using gym equipment such as lifting weights or using a bench press to form chest muscles quickly.

The Street workout primarily relies on one’s body weight or minimal calisthenics equipment to help you achieve your desired chest muscles.

However, before starting any workout routines, the rule of thumb is you must begin with a warm-up and end with cooling down to accomplish your fitness goal safely.

Calisthenics workout that targets specific chest muscles

Push-up is by far one of the basic exercises known by mankind. By using different kinds of push-up variations, each targets a specific part of your chest muscles.

Declined Calisthenics Push-Up for Upper Chest 

Decline push-up is one of the advanced push-up variations from the regular push-up. It is when your feet are more elevated than your body when you are in a push-up position. Your whole body is put in a downward posture, making your upper chest and shoulder muscles work more.

One of the main benefits of this routine is to build stronger chest muscles. There are also lots of ways of decline push-up to challenge yourself even more.

Gorilla Calisthenics-One-arm-push-up

One-arm push-up – It’s when one of your arms is behind your back while you are doing the declined push-up.

One-leg push-up – It is keeping one leg lifted while you are doing decline push-up. You may as well do the same with the other leg completing the set.

Stability ball –  This routine uses a stability ball to elevate your feet off the ground while you decline push-up. It may sound easy, but it takes arms, chest muscles, and body core to stay balanced.

Push-up bar –  Performed by lifting your feet and at the same time is using a dumbbell on your hands while doing a decline push-up.


Hand Wide Push-up for Middle Chest

This variation of push-up is not as complicated as the others. However, you need to position your body in a standard push-up pose, with both hands placed on the ground wider. With that said position while you were doing the push-ups, it targets specifically the broad chest, shoulder, and arms muscles.

One common mistake when doing this exercise is when you position your palms too wide apart. Spreading them wider than necessary may strain your arms and harm you instead of providing this workout’s effectiveness.

Inclined Push-up Exercise for Your Lower Chest

An inclined push-up is a push-up variation that is the exact opposite of the declined push-up. If the declined push-up position requires elevated feet, inclined push-up requires an elevated hand or arms. Usually, hands are placed on a higher surface, which lifts your body upward.

Just like decline push-up, there are also various ways if you are up for a challenge. 

Push-up bar  Elevating upper body using push-up bar while doing incline push-up. Push-up bar helping your progress from your regular push-up routines.

Balance ball –  Instead of using a bend or anything that helps you elevate your upper body, you are using a balance ball instead. The challenge is to keep your balance, thus, working your muscles.


Advanced Suspended Push-up 

One of the most advanced and challenging push-up variations is a suspended push-up. It is a whole-body strength and required core and body balance to exercise.

Using suspension training equipment such as suspension straps and gymnastics rings boosts how your muscles work due to their instability. Therefore, it would require a lot of balance, enhancing your core, shoulder, arms, and chest. These types of workout equipment are fun yet challenging to practice at the same time.

Street workout routines that involve chest muscles.

Chest Dips 

Chest dip is one of the most efficient calisthenics chest workouts that will surely enhance not just your triceps but mostly your chest muscles. If done correctly, dips exercise can provide you much more benefits. Also, it is great in targeting the outer chest as the skill and strength you build with dips will make your chest more prominent and broader.

Gorilla Calisthenics - Best Calisthenics Chest Workout


A pull-up is an upper-body strength exercise that you can perform by hanging your palms onto a pull-up bar.

Pull-up has different variations. Chest to pull-up is an advanced variation that will surely target the arms, back, shoulder, and chest muscles. It would be best if you had mastered the regular pull-up to increase difficulty and progression safely.

Although this routine primarily targets strong grips and enhances the body core, it also works with chest pecs. 


A chin-up workout is the same as a pull-up. The only difference is how you position your palms. Your palm and hands are facing towards you. 

Practicing chin-ups will enhance your biceps and chest muscles more than pull-ups.

Using Calisthenics Equipment that helps with Chest workouts

Using equipment is vital to every workout. While calisthenics exercises often practice with minimal equipment. Some calisthenics gears are useful for your chest workout routines.

  • Parallettes
  • Dip Bar
  • Pull-Up bar
  • Push-up bar
  • Suspension workout straps
  • Gymnastics rings

You also need to ensure that all the gear you are using is safe, strong, and durable for your workout needs.


If you are a rookie to any street workout, you may want to consider advice from a personal trainer that can help you masters the calisthenics chest workouts safely and effectively.

Be mindful of your own body and pace yourself according to your capabilities. Exercising provides you amazing benefits if done regularly and properly. 


Achieving chest muscles is not just about lifting heavyweights equipment. With Calisthenics chest workouts, you will also accomplish those chest muscles. Proper discipline and tenacity will surely motivate you in achieving your overall body fitness goal.

In the end, achieving something takes a lot of effort and time. Spending your time practicing and training street workout exercises will undoubtedly reach the type of body you desired. 

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