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Gorilla Calisthenics - outdoor pull up bar

Advanced Workout with Pull-up Bars

One of the best street workout exercises is to use your body weight as equipment. To achieve that, you would need something to hang your arms. That's the very importance of the calisthenics Pull-up bars.
You can progress your routines from a traditional workout without equipment to advanced with various training types you can complete using the crossbeams.

Enhance Upper Body Muscles with Dip Bars

Street workout dip bars will help enhance upper body muscles and body core.

Its benefits vary depending on the type of bar used. Furthermore, it enhanced muscle mass in the triceps, chest, back, and shoulders, making them more flexible and agile.

Geared up Workout with Push-up Bars

What's exciting with the calisthenics bar is that it comes with various types and kinds of bars that fit your needs and purposes. It comes in different sizes, so there's always something that suits your demands, such as a push-up bar if you prefer doing push-ups exercises.

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