Calisthenics Body Idealism into Adaptation: 30 Day Challenge!

Calisthenics Body - Ideal Body - Gorilla Calisthenics

No Special Equipment is Involved. Experience the Beauty of Calisthenics Anywhere, at Anytime, With Just Your Body.

Developing your ideal Calisthenics body takes TIME, so it’s mindful to consider Calisthenics since it is simple to perform, inexpensive, and convenient. It’s possible to perform everywhere there is enough room to move around. Calisthenics is also not always about having those fancy equipment; mostly, it’s just about the motivation and proper mindset to pursue your objective.

Path to a Perfect Calisthenics Body

Calisthenics incorporates compound workouts that use your body weight. It necessitates a lot of movement, making it ideal for weight loss and muscular development. Weightlifting is the most effective way to increase strength and muscle size when done on a regular basis. However, weightlifting is excluded from this challenge. Yes, you read that right; only the principles of body motions are covered, with the goal of enhancing every vital part of your body.

Calisthenics Body - Motivation - Gorilla Calisthenics

30 Day Challenge!

Due to the high intensity of these workouts, the metabolic advantages from training may endure up to 72 hours. So keep in mind that each workout depends on your weight and strength capabilities. As a person, you must always prioritize your boundaries, keep each step to a bare minimum, and eventually achieve your IDEAL Calisthenics Body!

  • Bench Dips

Depending on what kind of variation of workout you’re doing, you can utilize one or two benches. If you don’t have a bench, a solid chair or two will suffice. You can utilize barbell plates if your body weight becomes too easy. If you have everything in place, you can now start sitting on the floor without actually touching it while leaning on a bench. Then begin to move up and down in a repeated motion. Don’t let your elbows spread outwards while doing this exercise. Keep them parallel to one another and close to your body. The key muscles for this exercise are the triceps, lats, and chest, although the triceps will feel it most.

  • Squat Handstand

Begin in a squat stance and carefully shift your weight to your hands. For improved traction, spread your knees and place each of your toes on the ground before shifting. You’ll have your shoulders, arms, and back involve while engaging in this workout.

Additional Workouts

  • Split Squat Jump

Take one step backward and slowly bend both knees as if you were going to half kneel on the ground. As you lunge back, have your front leg at the same level as your knees. Now, jump upwards using your front leg to switch as you repeat the same manner on the opposite side. This workout improves the leg’s overall efficiency.

  • Spiderman Push-Ups

Start by positioning yourself in the same manner you would for push-ups, then begin moving your knee towards your upper body (at the same side where you raise it) one at a time as you also repetitively push yourself against the ground. If you’re having trouble with Spiderman Push-ups, you can start with regular Push-ups beforehand. Abs, triceps, upper back, lower back, chest, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings are all targeted body parts.


As a beginner, always take priority on your own limitations. It’s not always about doing what are the given sets and reps below but also having a safe route throughout your body enhancement. If you’re having a hard time fulfilling each given workout sets and reps, try doing each of these with a specified time (for example, 30 secs). Do everything you can in that little amount of time, and keep improving each day. Also, it is important to remember that every workout comes with a rest (can be 1 minute or more).

Calisthenics Body - Up For The Challenge - Gorilla Calisthenics

Bench Dips

3-4 sets of 10–12 reps. If this is too difficult, do the dipping part by bending your knees and walking your feet closer to your body. Every week, try to push yourself a little further by adding more complex variations in order to keep yourself challenged and also for better results.

Squat Handstand

2-3 sets of 15-20 reps. To achieve the maximum area of engagement with the floor, many beginners place their hands flat. However, the optimal position for a handstand is actually with cambered hands. This hand stance aims to produce more tension in your hands, which allows you to make more substantial, and more precise adjustments for maintaining handstand accuracy.

Split Squat Jump

4-5 sets of 25-30 reps. For novices, split squat leaps can be a challenging workout. To make a successful leap, you must learn the split squat position and push off with both legs at the same momentum.

Spiderman Push-Ups

1-3 sets 15-20 reps. If you feel wrist pain when performing push-ups, try using push-up bars that allow you to keep your wrists straight throughout the activity rather than bent backward. Finally, if you experience shoulder pain, adjusting your body’s angle may be able to alleviate it.

Calisthenics Body - Push-Ups - Gorilla Calisthenics

Take Into Consideration That…

You can do many repetitions of each action to help build muscle while improving how long you can keep the workout going. Just keep in mind that you have limitations, and this 30 Day Challenge will not give you a 30 Day IDEAL CALISTHENICS BODY. But this will instead give you a positive mindset seeing the result after a MONTH of commitment to Calisthenics.

Calisthenics can be a warm-up session for another workout practice or sport. It can also be used as a standalone workout. Calisthenics is resurfacing in exercises around the world. In a variety of ways, these routines can assist you in achieving your ideal calisthenics physique.

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