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Calisthenics Equipment to Reach your Fitness Goal

Street workout is often compared to gymnastics. Most calisthenics programs are designed to make every muscle of your body work hard, and it is essential to choose your equipment correctly to achieve the best performance safely.

Gorilla Calisthenics - Man Arms workout on equipment bars

Upper Body Workout Gear

The upper body is a must in the calisthenics sport. Make your arms, triceps, shoulder, upper back, and chest stronger and more agile using specialized equipment like bars and rings.

Street Workout Lower Body Equipment 

Legs and lower back are also vital for this sport. Use equipment like weighted vests, dumbbells, and jump ropes to help with your global strength, endurance, and balance.

Street Workout Equipment for Beginner

Calisthenics is for everyone. Of course, like any other sports, you will need to use the proper gear and techniques to safely and surely achieve your personal goal. All you have to do is doing the first step! Browse all our categories and find out everything your need for a perfect startup!