Calisthenics Gloves: Which One Do You Need?

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What Are The Significance Of Using Calisthenics Gloves?

Calisthenics involves a lot of pulling and hanging. Therefore,  a quality pair of calisthenics gloves can be useful. As your workout progresses, you may find your grip strength starting to decline quickly. With Calisthenics exercises, it is vital to maintain a good grip to maintain your balance and strength. Also, you want to save yourself calluses that sometimes would start ripping during your training. And if your hands are not in pique conditions then it might cause you the trouble along the way.

Furthermore, calisthenics gloves protect your hands and wrists from physical harm and injury without sacrificing dexterity. It also protects your hands from cuts and abrasions. Indeed, the type of gloves you need depends on the application and how you need to use them, the environment you are operating in, and your personal choices.

2 Types Of Calisthenics Gloves

1. Full finger coverage glove

Full-finger gloves offer added protection and are often preferable to fingerless gloves in situations where the chance of cuts, scrapes, or abrasions is high.


The Good thing About full-coverage gloves is that it protects your hands from unwanted rusty and oily equipment like pull-up bars. Especially in public parks or in the gym. You are not completely sure what has previously happened with that equipment and how much bacteria is in there.


The bad side of having a full-coverage workout glove is that it will not allow your hands to breathe. And at the same time, it somehow limits your ability to be more flexible since it will not allow your fingers to move freely.

2. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves offer many of the same benefits as full-finger gloves and are a great option for tasks that require the precise handling of small items.


The best thing about fingerless gloves is that it provides a full range of motion allowing your fingers to move more freely. And at the same time, it keeps your hands dry all throughout your exercise training. Additionally, it enhances your grip performance.


It has less protection from scrapes and abrasions since it does not cover your whole fingers. Also. it gives warmth and insulation and is not advisable to wear in cold temperatures.

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Different Kinds Of Bar Gloves

1. Bionic gloves: These workout gloves give you a lot including a patented relief-pad system that evens out the palm, providing a maximum grip. With full hand protection and durable material.

2. Ventilated gloves: It is the best choice for those with calluses in the inner region of the thumbs. It also offers protection without incurring too much friction. Also has a good amount of friction, wrist Protection, and perfect thickness pads.

3. Fenglei gloves: It is made of lightweight microfiber and anti-slip which allows you to stick and grip where you need them the most.

4. Leather cross grip: Durable and high-quality material that allows your hands to breathe. Also has less friction than its rubber counterparts.

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The Benefits of Calisthenics Gloves In your Day-To-Day Workout

#1 Additional Wrist Support

Your wrist needs some extra type of protection too. You don’t want to sacrifice your training when your wrist gives out first. You need a pair of gloves to aid in both grip and wrist support.

#2 Better Grip

It improves your grip and form during your exercise training. Roughing your hands for a better grip. Additionally, it provides a better grip in free strength training for forearm muscles and fingers.

#3 Less Pain And Injuries

There will be less pain when holding bars Which enables more reps because of reduced pressure on hands. Also, it prevents callus and blisters.

#4 Adds Comfort

Your hands are important pieces of your workout routine you need to keep them as fresh as possible. Indeed, gloves are great for preserving your hands.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Workout Gloves?

  • Choose the right size: When choosing your gloves they should fit snugly and comfortably.
  • Weather conditions: Fingerless gloves generally offer better breathability and ventilation in hot climates, while full-finger gloves keep your hands warm and functional in the cold.
  • Gloves with adjustable wrists: Adjustable wrists allow you to personalize the glove to fit your hand, improving comfort and mobility.
  • Pick up the right material: The gloves should at least be thick or padded to withstand constant stress during your training. At the same time, it should be strong and durable to provide comfort and prevents injury.
  • Weigh its quality and flexibility: Go with gloves that are soft and with breathable material to give you freedom of motion.
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Wearing Calisthenics Gloves Is Your Preference

Generally, it is a matter of personal choice whether or not you are going to wear gloves in your workout. Sometimes it depends on the exercises you do. Some Calisthenics exercises are much better with bare hands to open better sensory in your hands for a good balance. However, in general, wearing gloves during your calisthenics training benefits you the most when it comes to exercises involving bars. Hence, you don’t want your hands to give up before your muscles. There is no doubt, that it is important that your hands are still comfortable to squeeze in a few extra repetitions.

Moreover, Calisthenics is all about building strength. And if you suffer from calluses, pain, and injuries it would not be possible. In this case, you might want to consider having a pair of gloves. However, as you go further with calisthenics, you build your own body strength. And you need to get used to working your entire body which includes your hands. At the end of the day, it is all about how comfortable you are to perform calisthenics naturally with or without gloves.

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