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Calisthenics Physique: Identifying Your Body Type

People often find losing weight an issue, taking into account their effort in going to the gym or undergoing a diet. Yet, some people find it hard to gain weight even though they consume more compared to an average person. There are a lot of factors one must consider in assessing such issues. However, most of the time, it is just simply because of your body type. If you already set your eyes on your ideal calisthenics physique, before proceeding with any workouts or dietary plan, you must classify firsthand the type of body you have.

A lot of population research state the increase in obesity every year and the year 1990 triggered this occurrence as the number of obese people exceeded the skinny ones for most countries in the world. That’s why we can’t blame some individuals with medical expertise for labeling obesity as a disease or illness. If you think of it rationally and not just take heed of the idea of “obesity being a type of complex disease” as some sort of discrimination towards fat people, you’ll grasp legitimate reasons why.

A disease or illness is an anomaly in a human, animal, or plant’s body that generates symptoms which is not from any type of physical injury. A fat body is one of obesity’s symptoms since it alters a person’s normal physical appearance. Another thing is that an obese person is exposed to a variety of risks that include many deadly diseases mainly focused on the heart and brain. Besides the aspects of physical features and health issues, many studies also showed how obesity can affect a person emotionally and mentally. The only good thing I could say about obesity is that, unlike any other disease, this one is not contagious.

Causes of Having an Obese Body

Being overweight is not just because of too much intake of foods, specifically the unhealthy ones. The reasons sometimes can be something deeper than that which often includes:

  • Small-Scale Body Movement

If you’re wondering how a person with an average or even minimal amount of food intake is overweight, then light body movement is the cause. You don’t just gain weight through eating, without any sort of exercise, your body will continuously gain weight and become obese at some point.

  • Medical Conditions

If you’re undergoing treatment and are prescribed to take medicines, your body mostly will respond with a craving for too many foods. Hormonal issues are not to be taken lightly as this can also cause you to eat more.

  • Environment

People who live in places far from parks or gyms make it hard for them to be physically active. That’s why during the pandemic, more and more people have tried calisthenics as it can be done at any place. Different home workout regimens are advertised by many experts solving the issue for people who live far from gyms or any place that complies with a workout area.

Another thing how environmental develops obesity is the availability of food. People who live in places like cities, find it hard to seek affordable healthy foods, forcing them to eat unhealthy ones.

  • Stress

Emotional factors like stress may not be the direct cause of why a person is overweight. However, being emotionally unstable put a person’s state of mind to focus on something that might release the stress, and most of the time, it happens by eating. Having a healthy mind can also create a healthy body.

Causes of Having an Undernourished Body

Most people think that having a skinny body is healthy. Models seen on fashion shows, movies, and many other platforms showcase their skinny bodies. If you take a closer look, you can almost see their whole collar bones as if it was departing from their skin. Keep in mind that a model’s body is not a healthy body. It is not something that people must try to achieve. In fact, skinny people have the same health concerns as obese individuals.

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Having an underweight body is not just because of minimal food intake, but also because of your habits such as:

  • Medical Conditions

Studies regarding the human body that focuses on the immune system state how deficiencies from one department can cause anomalies that result in a skinny body. This shows the deep connection of a person’s body weight to their immune system. People who underwent surgery are prone to heavily lose weight. “Then overweight people would be happy to have a surgery.”, losing weight from body abnormalities is dangerous and life-threatening. This is the reason diets require a doctor’s prescription.

  • Depression

Being mentally and emotionally unstable can result in 2 different eating behaviors: eat more or eat less. People often take stress into to the table and lose the appetite to eat anything. This is because depression affects some parts of the brain declining the feeling of hunger leading to unhealthy weight loss.

  • Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation lowers leptin levels while increasing ghrelin levels. In other words, when you don’t get enough sleep, you get more hungry but find it difficult to have a desire to eat. You’re feeling the pressure of wanting to eat yet when in front of the food, you lose appetite. Not to add that lack of sleep affects more than just your hunger hormones. Lack of sleep also causes the release of insulin, which can increase fat storage and raise your chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

Calisthenics Physique: 3 Human Body Classifications

After puberty is when a person’s body development is fully displayed. However, in addition to genetic factors, a person’s body development is also influenced by their eating patterns, lifestyle, and regular physical activity. Identifying someone’s body type doesn’t require any elaborate procedures; all you’ll need is your naked eye. Simply seeing their body shape is more than sufficient.

Based on scientific research, the human body can be classified into 3 different forms.


Body Characteristics:

  • Lean Muscles
  • Long and Thin Body Structure
  • Fast Metabolism

Less body fat and muscle are present, and the physique is slim and slender. It can be difficult for people with this physique to gain weight, either in the form of muscle or fat even with Calisthenics. That’s because they mostly have faster metabolism compared to an average person, burning calories quicker. This causes them to hardly gain weight. People with an ectomorph type of body are advised to eat at least four times a day having the last meal before going to bed to prevent muscle catabolism during their sleep at night time.


Body Characteristics:

  • Combination of lean and muscular
  • Mostly labeled as an “Athletic Body”
  • Flexible
  • Not having a problem in gaining or losing weight
  • Naturally Strong
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For mesomorphs, gaining muscles are frequently noticeable and relatively quick. The drawback of mesomorphs is that they put on weight more quickly than ectomorphs do. They must therefore limit their calorie consumption. Athletes mostly have this kind of body, as it is naturally flexible and strong. Among all the other body types, the mesomorph physique perfectly fits in engaging in Calisthenics and weight training.


Body Characteristics:

  • Round Body
  • Short and Bulk Body Structure
  • Gains Muscles and Fats faster
  • Slow Metabolism

Solid and often soft describe this body type. Endomorphs quickly gain weight quickly. Endomorphs typically have shorter heights while having thicker arms and legs. Strong muscles are in the upper legs in particular. Endomorphs discover that leg workouts like the squat come effortlessly to them. To put it more simply, endomorphs are the polar opposite of ectomorphs.

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