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Know Your Body!

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Calisthenics Physique: Identifying Your Body Type People often find losing weight an issue, taking into account their effort in going to the gym or undergoing a diet. Yet, some people find it hard to gain weight even though they consume more compared to an average person. There are a lot of factors one must consider […]

Calisthenics Body Builders Vs Gym Body: Is Calisthenics Better Than Gym?

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Calisthenics Body Builders Vs Gym Body: Which Is Better? To be successful you need to have the right goal. Determine whether you aim for calisthenics body builders or a gym body. It is a matter of your choice. You will want to understand which one brings you to derive the greatest strength. There is no […]

The Amazing Calisthenics Benefits You Should Know!

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What Are The Calisthenics Benefits You May Acquire Along The Way? Calisthenic workouts involve moving most or all of your bodyweight to build muscle and strength. These low-resistance workouts use your body weight more than other equipment. This is in contrast to other traditional forms of training which often rely on exercise equipment. And there are […]

Calisthenics Enthusiast Anytime, At Any Place!

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Bring Calisthenics To Your Home! In the midst of a pandemic, it is not surprising how home workout remedies constantly grow in popularity worldwide. Gyms are closed, while public parks aren’t allowed to be occupied. Yet, for people who pour their souls into Calisthenics, this is not enough for them to stop. Workouts can be […]

Transform Your Body With Calisthenics!

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Amazing Calisthenics Body Transformation As there are so many elements that go into calisthenics body transformation, I urge you to read on. I won’t mention any specification about time, as the changes depend not only on your weight and height but also on your determination to succeed and achieve your calisthenics goal. Covid 19 started […]

The Idealistic Outside Gym For Calisthenics Enthusiasts

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Existence Of Outside Gym Towards A Bettering World Looking for an ideal outside gym is like reminiscing on your past — remember the good old days as a child, running through the surface while being drenched in sweat and inhaling those sweet oxygens, then returning home with dirty clothes. Remember how everything was made easy […]

Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding: What Bodybuilder Can Learn From Calisthenics?

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The Difference Between Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding What is the difference between calisthenics vs bodybuilding? Calisthenics and bodybuilding are both kinds of strength training. However, they differ in resistance. Different training regiments build different bodies. Calisthenics training contains exercises that need minimal or no equipment at all. You can perform the movements using your body weight, not requiring gym equipment. […]

The Influence Of Tumbling Mats To Modern-Day Calisthenics

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Tumbling Mats: Addressing Todays Issues Everyone is concerned about their health in these current times, where COVID-19 is still active. Because of their isolation at home, many people have begun to practice a healthy lifestyle. Calisthenics is the most effective approach to preserving good health and a stress-free lifestyle. Fitness has become quite popular in […]

The Perfect Pull-Up Bar For Health And Fitness Enthusiasts

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The Perfect Pull-Up Bar For You! COVID-19 cases are on the rise around the world, limiting commercial movement. Lots of restrictions are published throughout, making 2020 and this year rough. As the pandemic goes on, many gym-goers consider Calisthenics. Unlike gym exercises, Calisthenics workouts are free and can be done everywhere, making it perfect for […]

A Super Quick And Easy Calisthenics Nutrition Guide

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Calisthenics Nutrition Guide Helps You Increase Your Workout Performance If you want to begin a calisthenics fitness program, you must compliment your routine with a good calisthenics nutrition guide. It is the only way to effectively see results and enjoy the maximum gains from your training. Even if you give so much effort and time to exercising, […]