The Positive Impacts Of Daily Calisthenics To Your Body

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Calisthenics On A Daily Basis

Tired of getting into the gym? Can hardly afford workout equipment? Then try considering Calisthenics! All you need is enough motivation, and you’re good to go! Having yourself expose to Calisthenics daily gives off positive consequences to your body; From strengthening your muscles and prophylaxis, to also improving your mental health!

Calisthenics, unlike most gym exercises, relies on your own body weight to execute a workout, often without the use of certain equipment. But when it does, the equipment is mostly simple and just serves a minor role in performing Calisthenics workouts.

These are the three common examples of basic Calisthenics Workout:


Push-ups are a great workout for quick and effective strength-building. They may be performed from almost anywhere and do not require any gym equipment. Doing normal push-ups benefits your triceps, biceps, chest muscles, and shoulders in an asymmetric manner. But depending on how your arm is positioned, a push-up can specifically focus on developing one aspect from all the body parts mentioned. The triceps are primarily affected by narrowing the gap between your arms, while the chest muscles, biceps, and shoulders are affected by extending the space between your arms.

When doing push-ups, bear in mind that extending the gap between your arms too much can cause shoulder injuries, so maintain the distance between your arms as little as possible.

Incomplete push-ups are common mistakes made mostly by beginners. You must be able to go all the way up and down while having a straight posture in performing proper push-ups.

Most people don’t know about push-up is that it does not only involve the arm, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and chest but a large portion of your lower body as well. Proper positioning of your buttocks and abdominal muscles will keep the tension balance for both your upper and lower body while doing push-ups.

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Is it okay to do push-ups daily? 

Yes, why wouldn’t? Well, doing push-ups while being injured (hand injury, shoulder injury, etc.) is obviously prohibited. Apart from that, doing push-ups as a Calisthenics workout daily is beneficial for your muscle development and also for your health.

How many push-ups should you do per day?

You can perform as many push-ups as you can throughout the day. Limits only exist based on your own capabilities. For those who have constantly been doing workouts, a hundred and above push-ups will do. As for beginners, you can start at least with ten push-ups a day. But take note that sticking up with the same number of push-ups each day won’t take you anywhere. So keep adding for a better and rapid Calisthenics progress.


Sit-ups target your abdominal muscles, hip muscles, and lower back, making them a great core muscle workout. The core abdominal muscles are developed and toned depending on your body weight with this kind of workout. Sit-ups are known for their evident simplicity when it actually necessitates far more expertise and knowledge. It targets more areas than planks and other static core exercises since it has a wider scope of flexibility.

Sit-ups can help decrease or avoid back discomfort by helping you establish a strong core. According to research, having a strong core is necessary to sustain the stability of your spine, which can help you prevent having a bad posture.

Is there a limit on how many Sit-Ups you can do daily?

You are the only one who can put restrictions on your own body. The amount of Sit-Ups you do is determined by your ability to complete them. To achieve satisfying results, simply add more sit-ups each day.

Can Sit-Ups burn your Belly Fats?

Yes, considering that it focuses more on developing your abdominal muscles.


A squat is an enhanced training exercise designed to develop your upper and lower body muscles at the same time. This can help you develop your cardiovascular health, reduce your injury risk, and provides positive benefits to your healthy lifestyle. Squats and other strength-training activities can help shape and build muscles in your lower body. When these muscles are in good shape, you may feel that you can move more easily, with less discomfort.
You don’t need any equipment to accomplish bodyweight squats. Only your body and an adequate space where you can descend your hips into a sitting position are necessary.

The only disadvantage upon performing this exercise is that it is difficult to complete with an accurate form, which increases the chance of injury.

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How many squats should you do every day to see results?

This is mostly reliant on your objective. Most people just simply want to lose weight, shape their entire body, and develop their core. For that, 40-90 bodyweight squats per day may be sufficient.

Daily Calisthenics’ Exercises Compared To Gym Workouts

Calisthenics is constantly progressing. Even in this day, the number of different training routines and equipment continues to grow. From the equipment to the various exercise variations, history is at the root of its advancement.

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Gym workouts rely a lot on equipment and will cost you unprofitable expenses. However, committing to gym workouts provides you effective weight exercises and strength building. But in terms of Cardio and burning Calories, Calisthenics is on a different level.

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