How To Hang Gymnastic Rings At Home: Different Ways And Practices

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How To Hang Gymnastic Rings: A Versatile Way To Hang At Home

Gym rings are good and versatile equipment you can use anywhere and anytime. The uncertainty of the rings makes every exercise much more interesting. It surely provides different ways to your workout techniques. Because they are so lightweight you can take your gym anywhere and all you need is somewhere to hang the rings. Indeed more and more athletes discover the benefits that a ring workout brings. Undoubtedly, it makes good home gym equipment. But the question is, how to hang gymnastic rings at home?

Moreover, it can be a little formidable trying to find a good spot to hang your rings. Once you decide to get rings, you also need to figure out how and where to hang them. This is one of the top concerns for most calisthenic athletes. Below are a few ways how to hang your gym rings at home.

How To Hang Gymnastic Rings: Different And Easy Ways

1. Hang Them From The Ceiling: The most common way to hang rings at home. Indeed, hanging them from a stable spot on your ceiling allows you to choose exactly where you want them. However, it depends on the construction of your ceiling.

2. Pull-Up Bar With Rings: Hanging your rings from a pull-up bar can be an even better solution than hanging them from your ceiling. As long as you have the right setup.

3. Garage Ring Set up: The garage roof is pitched and the rings are suspended on a center rafter.

4. Living Room Ring Set up: It allows you to install the rings in a removable way and without compromising the flexibility to height-adjust the rings. 

5. Loft Hatch Rings: Using an open loft hatch with a weight training bar across it can be a quick and easy way of hanging rings if have short space or can’t mount permanent fixings.

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How To Hang Gymnastic Rings: Few Safe Techniques

#1 Enough Space

You have to consider how much space you need depending on the calisthenics workout goal. Also, figure out how much height you need for your rings. With calisthenics ring workout, we have two different requirements below the ring and above the ring workout.

Below the ring workouts

  • Pull-up
  • Reverse row sit back
  • Ring rows
  • Hanging knee raise
  • Bicep curls
  • Toes to rings
  • Front lever
  • Back lever

Above the ring workouts

  • Triceps extensions
  • Rings dips
  • Pike push-ups
  • L-sit
  • Ring flies
  • Ring push-ups
  • Assisted ring dips
  • Inverted hang
  • Top position hold
  • Tuck to tuck shoulder stand
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#2 The Type Of Gym Ring

There are several options you can choose from ranging from plastic to metal to wooden, and with a pretty wide range in pricing.

Gym ring variety of choices:

  • Wooden Rings: It is one of the most expensive choices yet the best way when it comes to durability and comfort. Starting out with a plastic pair is okay however, they are less supportive in some exercises and are less comfortable on your hands and wrists than wood.
  • Metal Rings: When it comes to sturdiness, you surely depend on a metal ring. However, they are a little bit rough in your hands. The thing to do with it is to wrap it in ring tapes. In the end, it is your choice what is most convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Plastic Rings: It is indeed the cheapest among the types of rings. Yet it is less supportive in some exercises and is less comfortable on your hands and wrists than wood.

#3 Anchor Point Sturdiness

It is the object where you can hang the rings. Make sure to hang them in a stable structure that can support your body weight. Your anchor point must be strong enough to hold at least double your body weight. When working with rings, your body and the rings are moving. The more moving parts there are, the more things could potentially go wrong.  At the same time, you need complete confidence in your setup to get the most from your training. Remember your safety must be your first priority.

#4 Ring Height

Most Fitness rings come with straps from 16′ to 18′ and are fully height-adjustable using the buckles. The straps for gymnastic rings are adjustable, yet you need to have a good bit of space to spin around.

#5 Ring Width

Gym rings should be fixed around 50cm apart or slightly wider than shoulder-width, to allow for comfortable training.

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Training with gymnastic rings is a challenging experience. They will help you develop functional strength and fitness. Moreover, not only will they help you improve your strength and flexibility, but they also enhance your balance and hand-eye coordination. Use the resources available to you at home to figure out different ways to hang them. Just make sure you will be able to hang them securely. Keep in mind, that you need a strong anchor point, enough space for your awesome moves, long and adjustable straps, and the right kind of rings you need.

Once you get comfortable on the rings, it is easy for your to increase the intensity of your workout in less time than on a stable bar. Indeed, the unstable nature of this fitness tool means you have to push to a higher level of intensity to do some moves. Hence, you can attach them pretty much anywhere and have them at different heights to challenge yourself to distinctive workouts. Moreover, the good thing about functional training is that you can feel it like play rather than workout training.

Feel free to choose from Gorilla Calisthenics lists of gymnastic rings. Grab yours now!

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