Pull up Bar for Home Gym – (Steps on how to install)

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Whether your fitness level is a beginner or a professional, a pull-up bar is your worth it go-to gear as it’s what you need in your home gym.

Generally speaking, one of the most humble pieces of calisthenics equipment you must own is a pull-up bar. Before we comprehend the steps on how to install your pull-up bar for home exercises, we must first know the basics.

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What is a pull-up bar?

This material is an essential training device that addresses strengthening your back, arms, and shoulder muscles.

Working out using this equipment helps in improving your grip, overall body strength, and body wellness.   

Hence, it is not just beginner-friendly equipment but also helps in every advanced street workout exercises, precisely various pull-up routines.

Categories of pull-up beam

Detachable Pull up Bars – Removable or detachable is lightweight, affordable, and right for those who do not want to drill or permanently mount their 

Permanent Pull-up Bars – On the other hand, permanently mounted bars are tougher to install, ensuring more weight support and usually last longer if installed correctly.

  • Joist-mounted
  • Ceiling-mounted
  • Wall-mounted
  • Corner-mounted
  • Doorway-mounted

Freestanding Portable – Freestanding pull-up beams are convenient for an outdoor workout, so you need to ensure that the surface ground is even and the equipment can hold your weight.

How to install a Pull-up Beam for home workout routines?

Doorway Pull-Up Bar

[Step 1] First, you need to determine which way you want to face while using the tool.

[Step 2] Second, you put the horizontal piece above your door frame.

[Step 3] Next, place the bar at the center, ensuring the rubber is touching both sides of your door frame.

[Step 4] For permanent bars, you need to screw the mounting bracket for firm support.

[Step 5] Last but not least, test the bar.

Hanging a Wall-mounted Pull-Up Bar

[Step 1] First, you need to locate sturdy walls if you decide on hanging them on non-concrete walls.

[Step 2] Second, make sure to choose the appropriate height for your bar that fits you.

[Step 3] Third, you make sure to mark the walls where you hang brackets.

[Step 4] Next, predrill the holes where the marks are.

[Step 5] Then, hammer your mounting plugs into the holes.

[Step 6] After, make sure to attach the bar you assemble to the wall with its hardware.

[Step 7] Lastly, test your bar’s stability.

Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bar

[Step 1] First, you need to decide and make sure that the ceiling location is sturdy and able to hold your weight.

[Step 2] You need to prepare all the necessary materials to attach the pull up bar to your selected location on your ceiling.

[Step 3] Mark and then drill the holes from each end where you’re going to attach the joist.

[Step 4] Drill the ceiling holes where you want to put the equipment. 

[Step 5] Make sure that it was secure and hard to detach them for safety purposes.

[Step 6] Test out your pull up bar stability.

What benefits will I get if I use a Pull-up crossbeam?

Gorilla Calisthenics-Woman Back muscles

Strengthen Back, Arms, and Shoulder Muscles

Pull-up movement is one of the many efficient training for your shoulders, arms, and back muscles regularly done.

Moreover, it exercises your back muscles such as the Latissimus dorsi, Infraspinatus, Trapezius, and Thoracic erector spinae.

It further improves your grip strength essential in our daily lives like opening jars of your favorite jam, walking your dog with a leash on its neck, carrying kinds of stuff, etc.

Exercising using a pull-up bar will improve your overall physical fitness as you lift your entire weight from the ground.

It eventually enhanced and developed your cardiovascular health.

Economical and Simple

You can have your home gym without breaking your bank. Inexpensive and useful equipment for your daily pull-ups is possible with pull-up bars. 

Fun and Creative

Hanging onto a monkey bar when we were young is fun and exciting.

The same goes when exercising using a pull-up bar. It encourages you to be creative and felt like you are a kid having fun rather than a chore.

Moreover, it brings out the creativity in you because there are plenty of pull-up movements using the bars, mainly if you aim to progress or advance your pull-up routines.

Promoting Healthier Mental Well-being

People who love to workout said to have found a positive impact on your overall mental well-being.

It reduces anxiety symptoms, fatigue, depression while it improves your Mental function and empowering your self-esteem.

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Is pull-up Bar Safe?

Most importantly, safety should be everyone’s priority to avoid injuries and accidents. Here are a few but crucial things to consider to achieve injury-free pull-up workouts:

  1. Making sure you install the pull-up beams to a sturdy and robust wall, ceilings, or door, whichever you prefer.
  2. It’s vital to choose a pull-up bar that can hold your weight.
  3. Consider the purpose of having a pull-up bar. For different advanced pull-ups, you need to choose the right pull-up bars capable of holding other workout equipment types, as not all of them are qualified for performing various pull-up exercises.
  4. Most importantly, test out your bar’s stability and endurance to secure your safety.

The safety of using any workout equipment varies depending on making sure to check the equipment’s quality and capacity before using it.

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Pull-up Variation Using a Pull-up Beam

Pull-up is one of the several challenging bodyweight routines, but the results are gratifying once you achieved it.

Furthermore, the best way to master any exercise is to practice as often as possible.

Here are various pull-up routines you can perform using a pull-up bar.

Pull-up Progression

  • Dead hang
  • Standard pull-ups
  • Flexed arm hang
  • Body Rows
  • Negative Pull-ups

Assisted Pull-ups

  • Leg assisted pull-up
  • Double leg assisted pull-up
  • Band assisted pull-up

Advanced Pull-ups

  • Weighted pull-up
  • Muscle-up
  • Ring muscle-up
  • One-arm pull-up
  • Burpee pull-up

To sum it up, the best part of having a pull-up bar for home is there are always pull-up variations that will surely enhance your back movements and muscles while stuck at home.

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