Hybrid Calisthenics: The Miscellany Towards A Bettering Generation

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Hybrid Calisthenics

Calisthenics is the embodiment of a cheap and reliable workout. For most calisthenics exercises, tools are not necessary to have. Proper control of body weight is the only essential factor you need in order to succeed in your calisthenics goal. But as time passed, Calisthenics continued to grow. Not just from tools and equipment, but also the variation of common workouts. The existence of hybrid Calisthenics incorporates the current generation and improves our perspective of Calisthenics against weight lifting.

There are many variations to different Calisthenics workouts. Upon performing Calisthenics, the reps and sets are not totally important. For beginners, it depends on how many you can do. It is essential to prioritize the limits of your body. But as you get accustomed to your daily workout routine, additional sets and reps must be done for faster and better Calisthenics growth. Also, bear in mind that getting enough rest keeps you away from injuring yourself and delaying your progress.

The goal of hybrid Calisthenics is to have both your upper and lower body exposed to workouts. Due to variations of different Calisthenics exercises, achieving this is possible. But doing your workout routine with hybrid Calisthenics incorrectly can lead to tearing of muscle tissues and other injuries. Having proper knowledge of it is the key to a safe and successful workout session.

Variations Of Common Workouts in Hybrid Calisthenics

The advancement of Calisthenics gave us numerous workout variations. From tools up to common workouts, every main factor of Calisthenics seems to forge ahead for the better. Here are some variations of common workouts in hybrid Calisthenics that you need to know.

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Work on an altered stance until you’re strong enough to accomplish a conventional push-up with good form.

  • Triangle Push-Ups

Start in a plank posture with your hands together and angled inward, forming a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. Maintain a strong grip on your body and bend your elbows to lower your chest toward the triangle. For one repetition, reverse the motion to the beginning position. Throughout the action, also keep the triangle directly aligned to your chest.

  • Staggered Push-Ups

Extend one hand forward and the other backward from a conventional push-up position. Lower your chest until it is just below the level of your bent elbow, then extend your elbows to push yourself back up to the beginning position. Throughout the exercise, keep your elbows close to your body. Switch the fore and aft placements of your hands after one or more repetitions to train each side equally.

  • Military Push-Ups

Begin in a typical push-up position, with your feet together or not that far from each other, palms flat on the ground below your shoulders, and arms straight. Inhale as you bend your elbows, keeping them parallel to your body, to lower your chest down just below the level of your bent elbow, then exhale as you push back up to the starting position for one repeat.

  • Spiderman Push-Ups

Place yourself in a conventional push-up position. Extend one knee out to the side and up to touch your elbow as you drop yourself to the ground, keeping your leg perpendicular to the ground. At the bottom of the push-up, your knee should meet your elbow. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.


Are you tired of the typical sit-ups? Try its modified versions!

  • Scissored Sit-Ups

Initiate by laying in a crunch posture on your back. Lift both legs, but not too high. Lower your left leg to around six inches off the ground. The more complex the workout on your lower abdominals will be if you maintain your legs closer to the ground. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor and grab the back of your right leg, gently dragging it toward you while keeping your legs straight. Switch legs and do the same thing on the other side for a minute.

  • Raised Leg Sit-Ups

Lie down flat on your back; legs completely stretched toward the ceiling. Extend your hands to your feet and press toward the top. Return to the starting position by lowering your torso. Carry on in this manner for a specific amount of time.

  • V Sit-Ups

Lay down on the floor with your arms over your head and your body in a straight line. Gradually raise your feet toward the ceiling, keeping them also absolutely straight and together. Lift your arms toward the top at the same time. As your arms ascend, your upper body will automatically rise as well. Pull yourself in this direction with only your abdominal muscles until you form a “V.”

  • Twisted Sit-Ups

Begin in a crunched position with your feet elevated off the floor while your back/shoulders are elevated as well. Twist your hands at the same time to press the left and then the right side.


Squats are effective, whether you like them or not. Not only are they good for your legs and hips, but they’re also good for your core.

For added resistance to your squat exercise, you may add a resistance band

Hybrid Calisthenics - Split Squat - Gorilla Calisthenics
  • Pistol Squats

Begin by standing with your feet as one and arms extended in your front. Crouch down on your right and lift your left leg off the floor, lowering until your left leg is parallel to the floor. Reverse the process on the other side.

  • Side Kick Squats

Squat down into a basic squat position. Kick your dominant leg as high as you can as you rise. Return to a basic squat by pushing up and kicking your other leg high.

  • Split Squats

Make sure your right foot is in front of your left in your posture. Drop down into a squat until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Switch also your approach by standing and switching your posture.

  • Frog Squats

Squat down into a basic squat position. Join your hands together and place your elbows inside your knees. Slowly straighten your legs while keeping your elbows in place, pushing your hips up into the air, then also lowering back down.

  • One Leg Squats

Begin by standing with your feet together and arms outstretched in front of you. Crouch down as far as you can on your dominant leg, stopping when your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Lift your other leg off the ground in front of you and squat down on the other one. Switch legs after standing up.

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