Calisthenics Workout: Learn How To Do A Handstand

Gorilla Calisthenics-Learn How To Do A Handstand-A Man In Full Handstand

Learn How To Do A Handstand: Mastering The Skills

Learn how to do a handstand at your own pace! A handstand is an attainable objective for any active person with the right focus. Indeed, it looks weird as it is stunning. Most athletes call this skill the Calisthenics version of the deadlift. It does not only train your core strength and upper body, it also upskills your body awareness, your balance, and deep breathing. Hence it needs lots of strength, stability, and balance in your whole body.

Furthermore, it is vital that your body is out of injury and is healthy. Calisthenics handstand needs enough body mobility and places stress on your wrist and shoulder. Focus and proper breathing are required when performing the movement. Therefore, you need to have a good warm-up before you do a handstand.

Warm-Up Moves

  • downward dog
  • cat-cow
  • mountain climbers
  • shoulder cars
  • figure-eights
Gorilla Calisthenics-Learn How To Do A Handstand-A Man In Handstand Position

Learn How To Do A Handstand: 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Sit down on the floor facing the wall while pressing your feet into the wall. You need to flip over while placing your hands where your butt was and your feet in front of the wall. Remember to keep your hands in shoulder-width apart with fingers spread rotated forward. Then, distribute all your weight to the front of your feet, until you are on the tips of your toes.

Step 2

Slowly walk your feet up the wall behind you, with bent legs. Ensuring to press more weight into your hands, and your whole foot into the wall. Keep walking up the wall, engaging your arms, shoulders, upper chest, and core.

Step 3

Practice walking up the wall until you confidently have enough strength to progress. Pull in your abdomen while engaging your core. This will stabilize your whole body. Remember to always lift your belly while engaging your legs.

Step 4

Now begin lifting your one leg. Your leg should be rotated slightly inward to keep your spine vertical. Remember to always keep your feet activated as this would help engage your whole body.

Step 5

Then, extend both of your legs straight and long while your toes resting against the wall. And when you are comfortable slowly kick off the wall. Remember that safety must be your priority so keep your area clear from anything that might cause you harm while practicing your handstand.

Gorilla Calisthenics-Learn How To Do A Handstand-A Woman In Handstand Position

Learn How To Do A Handstand: The Variations

1. Wall Handstand


  • Starting from a standing forward bend, place your palms flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart, one to two feet away from a wall. Ensuring your arms form a straight line. 
  • Raise one leg in the air, then hop with the other to push your legs overhead, but try not to touch the wall. 
  • Find your center point of balance, and hold it there for as long as you can. 

2. Wall Walks


  • Start by walking your feet up a wall behind you while in a push-up position
  • Once you walk your feet up to the desired height depending on where it is, requires moving your hands back toward the wall.
  • Then simply walk them back down and either end in a plank or a push-up.

3. Handstand Push-Up


  • Begin by setting your feet on a surface with your hands on the floor so you are bent over in a 90-degree position.
  • Lower yourself toward the ground as far as possible, keeping the 90-degree angle.
  • Push back up and repeat.

4. One Arm Handstand


  • Face the wall while starting your straddle making sure that you are working on each progression. At the same time, you need to work on your strength, flexibility, and your control.
  • Shift your weight to one side while dropping your hip slightly on that side.
  • Tent your fingers, moving through all the progressions to make sure you are ready.
  • You can now extend the arm out further with one finger on the ground. Move slowly and just continue the motion.

5. Crane Pose


  • Start with a squat with your feet a few inches apart while your palms pressed flat on the floor, directly below your shoulders.
  • Then position your knees wider than your hips, while pressing them into your upper arms as high as you can.
  • Stand up on your toes, while leaning forward to place the weight of your torso on your upper arms.
  • Continue leaning forward until your feet leave the ground. At the same time, you need to find your balance and hold it as long as you can.

6. Forearm Handstand


  • Begin with a dolphin pose as your foundation.
  • walk your feet in as close to your face as possible to ease the process of getting up and into a forearm stand.
  • Raise one leg as you would for the One-Legged Dolphin Pose.
  • Engage your core and start to bounce on the ball of your grounded foot.
  • Bounce off of that bottom foot drawing the leg up to meet the other in the air, in full forearm stand.
  • Keep pushing up through your arms and shoulders, while flexing through your toes reaching towards the ceiling.  

Learn How To Do A Handstand: The Benefits

  1. To learn how to do a handstand is a great measure that will surely enhance your body strength and mental health. At the same time, it helps alleviate your feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety.
  2. If you do a handstand daily, you increase the chances of getting a stress-free and happier life while increasing your immunity at the same time.
  3. A daily handstand will undoubtedly improve your confidence to do more progression.
  4. Also, it helps you get a stronger bone away from suffering from a bone disease like osteoporosis.
  5. As you perform a handstand, everything turns upside down optimizing your blood circulation needed to irradicate toxins out from the body.
  6. You only need your body to perform a handstand. There is no need for you to go to the gym or buy any other calisthenics equipment.
  7. You can have fun doing a handstand and building your core strength too.
  8. When you perform a handstand, you are concentrating helping your nervous system relax.
Gorilla Calisthenics-Learn How To Do A Handstand-A Man In One Handstand

Bottom Line

In the world of Calisthenics, one of the interesting parts is the departure from the gym equipment and instead of using only your body weight. And to learn how to do a handstand is a great addition to your fitness routine. It will surely spice up your fitness goal. At the same time, tremendously benefits your body.

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