10 Beginners Parallettes Workout Routine For Flexibility And Strength With Calisthenics

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Paralletes Workout And Its Versatility

With the Parallettes Workout routine, the versatile equipment needed is paralletes. It is also known as a parallel bar in a small format. Additionally, they are especially suitable for gymnastics or street workout training. Moreover, It is one of the versatile pieces of equipment in the calisthenics world. Hence parallettes come from the fact that the bars are parallel to each other for most exercises. Indeed parallel bars offer endless possibilities and are one of the most popular workout tools in gymnastics or Calisthenics.

Moreover, the training is excellent when you intend to train flexibly at home or any outdoor place. Thus you don’t rely on the opening hours of a gym, and in the long run, you save a lot of money. Make any place your gym, and with the Parallettes, you can do and learn about a highly effective total body workout.

Functional Whole Body Exercises With Parallettes Workout

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Arnold Dips In Parallettes Workout

Arnold dips are a popular exercise for beginner and advanced athletes to build strong triceps and assistant exercises for push-ups or dips. The movement is also called bench dips or triceps dips. Indeed the principle applies that the more elevated your hands, the easier the workout is because you are exerting more weight on your feet. Take note that you are stretching your arms out in the upper position and your elbows bent backward and not outwards. To make the exercise more challenging, either a weight vest, weight plates on the legs, or raising the feet can to considered.

Single-Leg Core Compression

With this Parallettes exercise, you work out on the lower fibers of your straight abdominal muscles. Therefore, you are more likely to develop the sixpack. It would help if you held yourself up with outstretched arms on the parallettes. Thus your feet are stretching forward on the ground. From that position, you need to lift one leg to the top as far as possible, and then hold it for few seconds, then lower the leg again to the ground before changing to your other leg.

Incline Push-Ups

Incline Push-Ups are push-ups in which the hands are not at the same height as the feet, but the hands are on an elevated surface. So this way, there is more weight on the feet, and less weight on the hands, which have to move, and also beginners can learn push-ups. The more you elevate your hands, the easier the push-ups. Indeed it is reasonably necessary that your elbows stay close to the body and bend backward. 

Inverted, Elevated Bridge

The inverted bridge is an excellent way to build up your abdominal and back muscles, shoulders, and triceps. Hence doing the exercise on parallel bars has the advantage that the neutral position relieves the wrists and prevents injuries. Moreover, the more elevated your arms are, the easier the workout becomes. Note that you are stretching your arms entirely, hips pushed up as far as strength and shoulder mobility allows.

Static Knee Raise

With this exercise, you make your abdominal muscles burn. Grab the handles and move into the seated position. Your upper and lower legs should be at 90°. Pull the toe tips towards the upper body—the entire weight load on the arms stretched through. The upper body is upright. Shoulders remain in a natural position. Note that you don’t sink in the shoulder belt.

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L-Sit In Paralletes Workout

The L-Sit is an aesthetic, beautiful exercise. It involves multiple muscle groups in your upper body such as; triceps, abdominal and lowers back muscles, shoulders, and even your legs under tension. This workout requires a certain amount of strength and mobility to perform it correctly. Indeed it is one of the basics of Calisthenics. You also need to know that you are stretching your arms entirely. And at the same time, your shoulder blades should be pulled down so that you push yourself up and remain stable.

Decline Push-Ups In Parallettes Workout

It is the partner of Incline Push-Ups that involves more of a pushdown movement. And with this type of push-ups, Calisthenics athletes have the opportunity to build up their push power upwards and cover the angle between regular push-ups and pike push-ups. Indeed the workout is much more demanding than the Incline Push-Ups. It brings significant benefits for the chest, shoulder, and triceps due to the elevation of the feet and the subsequent weight on the hands. Keep the body under tension to avoid a hollow back and build up the core used for Calisthenics and street workouts.

Frog Stand In Paralletes Workout

The Frog Stand is an excellent exercise to improve balance, establish intermuscular coordination, and learn the handstand. For beginners, the arms can be bent. The goal is to stretch the arms entirely for advanced athletes and thus build up your straight arm strength desired in Calisthenics. On the floor, the exercise leads to a maximum angle for the wrist, and often you will feel the tension on it. So it is recommended to do the Calisthenics training on parallettes. Take note; You need to practice the activity on a soft surface because you might fall backward from the start.

Pike push-ups

This Parallettes exercise focuses more on the triceps and parts of the deltoid. Moreover, this training keeps you on track to more massive muscles on your core and upper body since you are concentrating on the triceps and aspects of the deltoid, as with push-ups. To start, you need to stretch your arms. You will raise your hips from that position, so your body is in a V-standing upside-down position. Furthermore, your arms and legs should stay as stretched as possible. The head is in between the components.

Planche leans In Parallettes Workout

The exercise prepares for the Planche and further training and movements. To begin with, you need to position yourself by grasping the Parallettes bar. Take note that your hands are under the shoulders, and you need to stretch through the arms and legs. Furthermore, your body is forming a line position. Additionally, it would help if you spread your thighs actively.

Moreover, you also need to go as far as possible on the tips of your toes. The pelvis is steady. And the back is slightly curved. Your shoulders are tense, and your gaze is directed to the ground all the time. There is no movement in the neck.

Lean forward over your shoulders without losing your body tension. Try to push the ground under you backward. Only go as far ahead as it is pleasant for you. The body weight is mainly on the hands. Keep the end position as long as possible.

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