The Best Parallel Bars For Home Calisthenics

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Things To Consider In Choosing Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are equipment for calisthenics and gymnastics. They vary in height and type, and using them conveys some impactful advantages to your training. Indeed it is one of the needed equipment for any calisthenics athlete. Discovering the best parallel bar for your home calisthenics is easy if you know what you are looking for. These things take a lot of determination, effort, and strength to master, but they also go a long way in creating a fitter and healthier person.

Once you have chosen the type of parallel bar you need, you also need to consider their weight. If you are up to the heavier side, choosing heavyweight is the best. Also, you need to pay attention to its base and feet. Choose the one with long feet and with a broad base for stability. Additionally, it is essential to check its adjustability. Ensure that you can easily change its height and width to provide access to various calisthenics exercises.


  • parallel bars
  • parallettes
  • Mini parallettes. 

Applicable Exercises 

  • Dips
  • L-sit
  • Push-ups
  • Traveling dips
  • Decline crunch
  • Monkey bars
  • Bicycle walks
  • L-sit pendulum
  • Bar-to-bar rotation
  • Planche progression
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Plyometric push-ups
  • Single leg push-ups
  • Lateral monkey bars
  • Shoulder tap push-ups
  • L-sit typewriter pull-ups
  • Hanging L-sit pendulum
  • Push-ups with knee drive
  • Hanging windshield wipers
  • Vertical upside-down pull-up
  • Push-ups with spiderman knee drive
Gorilla Calisthenics-Parallel Bars-A Man In Handstand

How To Choose The Right Parallel Bars?


You need to decide between the specific type of parallel bar. Hence, there are two main types of parallel bars. It all comes with benefits and drawbacks, so choosing one of them is crucial. The fully connected that you see in the Olympics. These are the most vital type of parallel equipment, and they offer you the ability to perform full-fledged parallel bar exercises, but the range of activities you can do with them is limited. Next is the individual parallel bar, where the set comes with two separate bars that are not attached in the middle. These function better as general exercise tools and offer a wider array of possible exercises than the conventional set of the parallel bar. 


Always consider having adjustable parallel bars. You can adjust their height and width, which will expand the degree of exercises you can do with them. And it is also convenient where more than one person is using them.

Weight limit

It is vital to consider your parallel bar weight limit. It will most likely depend on the particular model that you have. Some parallel bars are individual bars with no center connection. Hence, if you plan on doing exercises like weighted dips or are on the heavier side, then a low weight limit won’t do. And individual parallel bars will have a lower weight limit than the fully connected ones. It depends on your own needs and your figure, so make sure to make the right choice.

Base & feet

Always consider the base and the feet of your parallel bars. Consider looking for parallel bars with long feet and a wider base to provide stability. Hence, the bottom should be equipped with rubber feet to prevent the bars from moving across the ground and not damage your floor.

Grip And Handles

More conventional parallel bars have only the metal bar without a grip. Yet the modern ones have foam grips for better comfort during your training, or even back and forearm padding. There are many aspects to check before you buy one, however, if it lacks stability or a sure grip for that matter, it is useless to deal with the rest of its features.

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The Benefits You Can Get From Parallel Bars

Provides access to a variety of exercises

It gives a new motivation to your calisthenics training. Indeed it makes some exercises easier. It is indeed versatile, offering you excellent variety and progression.

Increase Your Range Of Movements

It provides stability to practice lower body physio exercises outdoors. Also, it builds your upper body strength, particularly shoulders, arms, and back. If you want to develop ridiculous bodyweight strength and a rock-solid, capable core, parallel bar exercises can certainly help you get there.

It gives you less strain on your wrists

With stronger joints and developed stabilizing muscles, you will be less exposed to injury when doing other exercises.

Increase your coordination, endurance, and strength

Hence it takes a lot of struggle to do swings, dips, chest dips, L-sits, leg lifts, inverted pushups, pull-ups, and all of those other exercises that you can do with a parallel bar. And it is incredible for training your upper body, arm, shoulder, back, and core strength all at the same time. It also helps prepare your coordination by forcing your hands to connect with the bars to stay upright. Additionally, the combination of strength and cardio training will help increase your overall endurance and physical performance.

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Parallel Bars Open A Wide Range Of Possibilities For Calisthenics Exercises

To sum it up, calisthenics is a great workout to do at home, in the gym, or wherever you are. Hence the Parallel Bars may seem a simple and unassuming piece, yet do not underestimate it. At the same time, you can always discover a new boundary to push, a static to master, or a goal that looks impossible. More exercises are possible with this low-maintenance star to build full-body strength. And the parallel bar is an excellent addition to your training. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can start practicing with a similar bar to gain experience and progressively overload in weight.

Moreover, they offer a lot of benefits, both strength-wise and health-related. Indeed it is also inclusive for people with various health conditions who need regular physiotherapy. And If you decide to purchase a parallel bar, make sure to think about what you want to use them for. There are many types, and it is vital to choose the ones that best suit your needs. A lot of what goes into selecting a good set will depend on what you need them for and your capabilities.

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