The Ultimate Calisthenics Intermediate Workout; Take It To The Next Level!

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How To Decide If You Are Ready For A Calisthenics Intermediate Workout Routine?

How strong are you? Calisthenics intermediate workout skills demand a foundation of mobility and strength. Hence, it would be best if you learned the fundamentals before trying to perform the intermediate level. Indeed you can learn the intermediate skills set quickly compared to advanced skills that take longer to understand. You also need to know the moves, progressions, and where you are right now in your Calisthenics range. You are not witnessing any progress in your physique because your body is used to the exercises, and merely increasing the reps would make no sound other than endurance.

Hence, the first thing you can do is try moving to more challenging activities. Yet that won’t be easy and would take a severe amount of time to master. Please don’t jump into them too early, or you might end up hurting yourself. If you combine a firm foundation with these specific drills, new skill levels will unlock you. What category do you truly fall within? It would be best if you were realistic about your fitness experience to determine your correct level of training.

Finding the perfect fitness program for you can be made easy as long as you learn what category you are into. Moreover, each level of activity can offer a challenge, and everyone will have different individual strengths and dimensions to build on. Therefore, you need to stay determined, motivated, patient, and positive at all times. Maintain your focus to achieve good results. And while you gain experience, you will also feel confident to know that it is time to progress from the results you achieve.

What are the variations between beginner, intermediate, and advanced Calisthenics workouts?

Thus, the differences between the three calisthenics fitness levels come from making an exercise easier and advancing to more extreme workouts. Firstly, you need to know what you are capable of doing and what works great for you. Moreover, everyone has strengths and weaknesses that can be improved at every level. Indeed most people in the gym are beginners or intermediates. Understanding where you stand in the calisthenics levels is essential because you must use a routine that maximizes muscle gains from your experience level.

Furthermore, to gain maximum muscle growth, you must keep the body guessing. Change up your workout routine and your exercises. When you refer to a beginner, intermediate, and advanced individual, the magnitude is attributed to your personal experience, knowledge, and time you spent achieving particular fitness fulfillment. Additionally, knowing your body and being comfortable performing exercises in a specific workout training is what makes every level of difficulty achievable or not.

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The Calisthenics workout Levels

  • Beginners Calisthenics: Indeed, if you are new to working out regularly, begin with exercises that prepare the muscles to move with good form to build strength and muscle memory. A beginner’s routine usually consists of low-intensity, modified activities with little variety and shorter exercise training. Creating a firm foundation as a beginner routine will ensure you get the best results in the long run.
  • Intermediate Level: Also, a skilled trainee with a moderate to advanced series of exercise training can begin to add a challenge to the fitness level you built up to. The experience level of the intermediate exercises also knows the correct form and understands different workout levels to fit your goals. 
  • Advanced Calisthenics: When you are at the advanced level, you are expected to use advanced exercise training that challenges your body strength, speed, and power through high-intensity workouts. And your years of consistent experience working on your body would be of great help to challenge your training needs. The incremental improvements that you acquire over a period may be increasingly difficult to achieve.
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Intermediate Level

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, here are the variations of calisthenics workouts that you can train at the intermediate level. Suppose you realize that you are not strong enough to perform a specific exercise. In that case, you can complete an easier variation of that exercise or lessen the repetitions to your maximum capacity until you can advance into a more challenging progression.

Upper Body Exercises
Back and biceps pull-ups315
Back Extension315
Pike and shoulder push-ups515
Inverted Rows512
Reverse crucifix push-ups515
Lower Body Exercises
Jumping Squats312
Hip thrust512
Bulgarian split squats310
Staggered push-ups512
Decline push-ups515
Core Muscles Exercises
Side plank raises510
knee to opposite elbow510
Calf raises on platform510
Butterfly Hold510
Plank Hold510

Recommended Workout Split

Monday: Workout 1
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Workout 2
Thursday: Off
Friday: Workout 3
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Workout 4

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Build Strength And Burn Fat With Calisthenics Intermediate Workout

To sum it up, since these exercises are compound exercises that reveal multiple muscles in your body, it is solely possible to strengthen your muscle mass with this method. Therefore you build strength and burn fat at the same time. Indeed, it would help if you did not miss out on these intermediate levels of training. Hence continue building your overall fitness while making you look fabulous. At the same time, the movement patterns and strengths will also provide you with the more difficult loads of advanced skills training. Moreover, you may also begin with the intermediate workout if you already have good essential power. Hence, combining this with intermediate skills training, you will surely achieve your dream body very soon.

Furthermore, when you dedicate yourself to getting through the complete beginner’s program, you build a solid foundation and should be ready to take things to the next level. Now that you made some strength, developed good exercise training, gained body muscles, and developed a healthy diet, it is time for you to turn on your next level of activity. You also need to remember to give your body a chance to adapt and show gains before making changes. Do you think you are ready for a calisthenics intermediate workout level?

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